sid fillery the man who wasnt named and shamed.

during the early turn of the 21st century the news of the world had a history of outing convicted pedophiles also suspected ones and also totally innocent people of course.

but in there eagerness to name and shame theirs one man who seems to have escaped there attention. his name is sid fillary former sergeant in the metropolitan police turned private detective suspect in the murder of dainel morgan  and self confessed child porn addict he was convicted of cild porn offenses in 2002 this is rather strange as you would think the news of the world would of known all about him and his conviction seeing as he was at the time employed by the news of the world. not in any capacity as a journalist of course but in the business of obtaining information for them largely information they had no right to have.

clearly they must of failed to notice this this particular bit of news as they carried on employing him for a fair years after his conviction. now some might say its rather strange that an organization who can find out personal information about the roayle family could have failed to find out about a convicted pedophile within there an ornasation.

but surely this must be some mistake i mean news international wouldn’t knowingly employ a pedophile would they surely not since they took such a strong stance on the bbc and jimmy savile.


New hopes for suspected miscarriage of justice victim

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The new lawyer working for Jeremy Bamber (who also works pro bono for the University of Leeds Innocence Project) Simon McKay, has submitted new evidence from gun experts that completely undermines the prosecution case in a notorious mass murder, known in the UK as the ‘White House Farm’ murders (read about Jeremy Bamber’s 26 year campaign to overturn his conviction at his website here…)


Jeremy Bamber has maintained his innocence throughout his imprisonment for the murder of his family. Read more here… There are now renewed hopes that he may have a third appeal, and this time be successful.

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a message to the grammar Nazis.

WARNING on this blog you will see many possble hundreds maybe even thousands of spelling grammar and punctuation errors.

you are of course very welcome to come on here and helpfully point them out.


but be carefull the shear illtracy of this blog may drive you over the edge proceed at your own risk you have been warned.